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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 8810959


Jul 8 2019–Jul 7 2021
Prague, (CZ)
VODSegunda Vez (Dora García)
Dec 18 2020–Jun 17 2021
Brussels, (BE)
VODSpectres (Sven Augustijnen)
Mar 17–Jun 17 2021
Distributed Futures, part 1: The Arctic Moving Image Festival
Mar 31–Jun 30 2021
Distributed Futures, part 3: Nordland kunst- og filmhøgkole
Apr 7–Jul 7 2021
Distributed Futures, part 4: The Sámi Film Institute / Sápmifilm
Apr 14–Jul 14 2021
Case Studies: False Belief, Mobil Egress and What is a woman
May 1–May 31 2021
Brussels, (BE)
Klarafestival: Sound and Vision
VODWe'll find you when the sun goes black (Anouk De Clercq)
May 7–Oct 10 2021
Antwerpen, (BE)
Radically Naive / Naively Radical
ExhibitionOK (Helga Davis & Anouk De Clercq)


Sunday, May 23 2021
Toronto, (CA)
Screening & TalkThe Joycean Society (Dora García)
May 27–Sep 5 2021
Bonn, (DE)
Sound and Silence
ExhibitionTwo Times 4’33” (Manon de Boer)
May 29–Oct 3 2021
Antwerp, (BE)
ExhibitionAWB 082-3317 7922 (Sven Augustijnen)
Jun 1–Jun 7 2021
Hamburg, (DE)
ScreeningWe'll find you when the sun goes black (Anouk De Clercq)
Jun 10–Jun 27 2021
Leuven, (BE)
Artefact: Wired for Empathy
ExhibitionOne (Anouk De Clercq)
Jun 11–Jun 13 2021
Portland, (US)
Screening & TalkOne (Anouk De Clercq)
Jun 12–Aug 29 2021
Rennes, (FR)
La couleur crue
ExhibitionConcrete & Samples III Carrara (Aglaia Konrad)
Monday, Jun 14 2021 19:00
Let's Talk Leuven with Anouk De Clercq
Jun 15–Jun 20 2021
Dortmund+Köln, (DE)
ScreeningOne (Anouk De Clercq)
Jun 24–Jun 26 2021
in collaboration with FID Marseille
Screeningone, two, many (Manon de Boer)
Jun 24–Jun 26 2021
Cologne, (DE)
VIDEONALE.scope #8
ScreeningBlack (Anouk De Clercq)
Jun 24–Jun 26 2021
Cologne, (DE)
VIDEONALE.scope #8
ScreeningSegunda Vez (Dora García)
Jul 3–Sep 5 2021
Watou, (BE)
ExhibitionOne (Anouk De Clercq)
Saturday, Jul 17 2021
Tongeren, (BE)
Visite op Visite
Saturday, Sep 11 2021
Aalst, (BE)
ExhibitionLove with Obstacles (Dora García)
Sep 17–Sep 18 2021
Brussels, (BE)
PerformanceGhost Party (part 1) (Manon de Boer & Latifa Laâbissi)
Sep 30–Nov 27 2021
Wake Words
ExhibitionA Tongue Called Mother (Eva Giolo)
Oct 7 2021–Jan 9 2022
Rome, (IT)
ExhibitionSegunda Vez (Dora García)
Saturday, Oct 9 2021
New York, (US)
First Person, Third Person, Same Person
Screening & TalkSegunda Vez (Dora García) The Joycean Society (Dora García)
Oct 9–Nov 7 2021
New York, (US)
ExhibitionLove with Obstacles (Dora García)
Nov 12–Nov 14 2021
San Sebastian, (ES)
Screening & SeminarWhere is Cinema? (Anouk De Clercq) Black (Anouk De Clercq)

This is a listing of all current and some upcoming events. There is also an archived agenda.