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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium


Jul 8 2021–Jul 7 2023
Prague, (CZ)
VODSegunda Vez (Dora García)
May 13 2022–May 12 2023
Lussas, (FR)
VODSylvia Kristel - Paris (Manon de Boer)
Nov 19 2022–Nov 18 2024
Lussas, (FR)
VODThe Joycean Society (Dora García)
Feb 10–May 21 2023
Antwerp, (BE)
Dora García: She Has Many Names
ExhibitionAmor Rojo (Dora García) Segunda Vez (Dora García)
Feb 10–Aug 6 2023
Cincinnati, (US)
Ecologies of Elsewhere
ExhibitionPungulume (Sammy Baloji)
Feb 22 2023–Feb 21 2026
Brussels, (BE)
VODTREMOR - Es ist immer Krieg (Annik Leroy)
Mar 1 2023–Apr 1 2024
Prague, (CZ)
VODBlue Meridian (Sofie Benoot)


Sunday, Apr 2 2023
Antwerp, (BE)
ScreeningLa Eterna (Dora García) El helicóptero (Dora García)
Thursday, Apr 6 2023
ScreeningThing (Anouk De Clercq)
Monday, Apr 17 2023 21:00
Brussels, (BE)
elephy: Rebecca Jane Arthur, Chloë Delanghe, Eva Giolo & Christina Stuhlberger
ScreeningSylvia Kristel - Paris (Manon de Boer) — Contour Biennale
Monday, Apr 17 2023 19:00
Brussels, (BE)
Auguste Orts
ScreeningWatching Words Becoming A Film (TXT.FLM #3) (Herman Asselberghs) One (Anouk De Clercq) Attica (Manon de Boer) البحر - al bahr (Fairuz Ghammam) — Contour Biennale
Tuesday, Apr 18 2023 21:00
Brussels, (BE)
Annik Leroy
ScreeningTREMOR - Es ist immer Krieg (Annik Leroy) — Contour Biennale
Tuesday, Apr 18 2023 19:00
Brussels, (BE)
Mieriën Coppens & Elie Maisin
ScreeningContour Biennale
Apr 19–Jul 4 2023
Tokyo, (JP)
World Classroom: Contemporary Art through School Subjects
ExhibitionTwo Times 4’33” (Manon de Boer)
Thursday, Apr 20 2023 21:15
Brussels, (BE)
Subversive Film: Reem Shilleh & Mohanad Yaquby
ScreeningContour Biennale
Thursday, Apr 20 2023 19:00
Brussels, (BE)
Rosine Mbakam
ScreeningContour Biennale
Saturday, Apr 22 2023 19:00
Brussels, (BE)
News from Home by Chantal Akerman (FR)
ScreeningContour Biennale
Tuesday, Apr 25 2023 21:00
Brussels, (BE)
News from Home, Chantal Akerman (EN)
ScreeningContour Biennale
Sunday, May 7 2023
Antwerp, (BE)
Screening & TalkSegunda vez (Dora García)
May 11–May 14 2023
Copenhagen, (DK)
The Social Life of Film, organised in collaboration with PRISMS. Anouk De Clercq on Monokino
Jun 2–Jun 4 2023
Screening & TalkDissonant (Manon de Boer) We'll find you when the sun goes black (Anouk De Clercq) TREMOR - Es ist immer Krieg (Annik Leroy)
Thursday, Jun 22 2023
Brussels, (BE)
Screening & TalkWe'll find you when the sun goes black (Anouk De Clercq) OK (Helga Davis & Anouk De Clercq) One (Anouk De Clercq)
Wednesday, Jun 28 2023
ScreeningAn Experiment in Leisure (Manon de Boer)
Jun 29–Sep 30 2023
New York, (US)
ExhibitionAmor Rojo (Dora García)
Jun 30–Jul 23 2023
Vilnius, (LT)
with Sofia Albina Unger Novikoff, curated by Vsevolod Kovalevskij
ExhibitionBirdsong (Anouk De Clercq)
Sep 8–Nov 5 2023
Mechelen, (BE)
ExhibitionContour Biennale

This is a listing of all current and some upcoming events. There is also an archived agenda.