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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Love with Obstacles

Dora García

video, color, 16:9, Spanish, Russian & English spoken, English subtitles, BE/NO, 2020, 60’

Love with Obstacles focuses on the extraordinary author, Marxist feminist, October revolutionary, political exile and diplomat, Alexandra Kollontai (St. Petersburg,1872– Moscow, 1952). The film dives into the conservation of her legacy in Moscow archives, what has been told and untold, and her vision of the future of a socialist feminist revolution. Love with Obstacles is the first part of the feature film Amor Rojo which will draw a fuller portrait of a figure that is able to bridge a century of feminisms, from first wave to fourth and fifth, across a couple of oceans, from Russia to Mexico and the Pacific. Through her legacy and its place in the history of ideas, the film seeks to draw a genealogy to today’s renewed surge of feminism.

Texts Alexandra Kollontai
Reading Caroline Daish, Olga de Soto, Mette Edvardsen, Samah Hijawi, Rina Ortiz & Alex Reynolds
Camera Vincent Pinckaers
Sound Laszlo Umbreit
Technical supervision Boris Belay
Music Jan Mech
Editing Simon Arazi & Dora García
Color grading Loup Brenta at Cobalt
Produced by Auguste Orts
With support from Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Kulturrådet Oslo, KUF grant, KHiO Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Garage Field Research, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, On & For Production and Distribution, Rose Art Museum

Love with Obstacles has been on display at the following locations:

Projecte sd Barcelona, (ES) Nov 17 2023–Jan 13 2024 Amant New York, (US) Jun 29–Sep 17 2023 Michel Rein Gallery Paris, (FR) May 16–Jul 22 2023 Fondazione Baruchello Roma, (IT) Feb 6–Feb 10 2023 De Cinema Antwerpen, (BE) Sunday, Feb 5 2023 Laboratorio Arte Alameda Mexico, (MX) Nov 24 2022–Mar 26 2023 Cineteca Madrid, (ES) Saturday, Apr 30 2022 Festival International du Film sur l'Art Montreal, (CA) Mar 15–Mar 27 2022 Meyerhold Center Moscow, (RU) Tuesday, Mar 8 2022 Amant New York, (US) Feb 25–Feb 26 2022 Kunsterneshus Kino Oslo, (NO) Sunday, Feb 20 2022 Kunsternes Hus Kino Oslo, (NO) Wednesday, Feb 16 2022 Amant New York, (US) Feb 5–Apr 24 2022 Netwerk Aalst, (BE) Thursday, Sep 30 2021 Netwerk Aalst, (BE) Sep 11–Dec 19 2021 Fotogalleriet Oslo, (NO) Sep 3–Oct 17 2021 Frontera Sur Chillán, (CL) Jul 1–Jul 14 2021 MACBA Barcelona, (ES) Thursday, Apr 8 2021 St Lukas Gent, (BE) Mar 10–Mar 11 2021 Printed Matter's Art Book Fair New York, (US) Feb 24–Feb 25 2021 National Academy of the Arts Oslo, (NO) Wednesday, Jan 27 2021 Documenta Madrid, (ES) Sunday, Dec 13 2020 Human Rights Festival Zagreb, (HR) Dec 6–Dec 13 2020 Loop Barcelona, (ES) Nov 10–Nov 21 2020 Workers Education Association Stockholm, (SE) Thursday, Oct 15 2020 Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University Waltham, (US) Sep 30–Oct 5 2020 Rose Art Museum Massachusetts, (US) Feb 14–May 17 2020