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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Vers la mer

Annik Leroy

16mm & 16mm transferred to HD video, b&w, 4:3, stereo & 5.1, BE, 1999, 87’

Vers la mer is a documentary about and inspired by the Danube, the river of Mitteleuropa. The Danube, the only river of our continent that connects so many people as such a confusing mix. It is the route that links the West to the East, a myth as much as a reality, an epic towards the sea. A presence so strong, so dazzling, that it freezes the gaze and brings us back to a certain humility. A film that wants to situate itself between poetic reverie, historical and contemporary reality, encounters with those who live along the shores of the river. Will the river be the symbol of something else than itself?” (AL)

“Yet almost this river seems
to travel backwards and
I think it must come from
the East.
Much could
be said about this.”

- Friedrich Hölderlin, The Ister, 1803

Prix des écrans documentaires de Gentilly 1999
Prix du meilleur documentaire Ann Arbor Festival
Mention spéciale Filmer à tout prix
Prix Scam du documentaire audiovisuel 2001

Camera Annik Leroy
Sound Marie Vermeiren
Sound mix Roland Boon
Editing Eva Houdova
Produced by Cobra Films
Co-produced by RTBF ( télévision belge) & Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles
With the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Vers la mer has been on display at the following locations:

Le Cinématographe Nantes, (FR) Sunday, Mar 24 2024 Austrian Film Museum Vienna, (AT) Oct 7–Oct 8 2021 États généraux du film documentaire Lussas, (FR) Wednesday, Aug 18 2021 Visite Film Festival Antwerp, (BE) Friday, Aug 13 2021 Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival Bologna, (IT) Tuesday, Jul 27 2021 DOK Leipzig, (DE) Oct 29–Oct 30 2020 Whitechapel Gallery London, (GB) Saturday, Nov 23 2019 Whitechapel Gallery London, (BE) Saturday, Nov 23 2019 Tënk , (FR) Friday, Jun 14 2019 Festival Etonnants Voyageurs Saint-Malo, (FR) Jun 8–Jun 10 2019 Spittelbergkino Vienna, (AT) Thursday, Apr 4 2019 Courtisane Ghent, (BE) Sunday, Apr 1 2018 Courtisane Ghent, (BE) Saturday, Mar 31 2018 Birkbeck University London, (GB) Friday, Mar 2 2018 Birbeck Institute for the Moving Image London, (GB) Friday, Mar 2 2018 UC Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve, (BE) Feb 14–Feb 15 2018 Cinematek - Le p'tit ciné Brussels, (BE) Sunday, Nov 27 2016 Forum Les Halles Paris, (FR) Saturday, Nov 5 2011 Festival International du Film Francophone Namur, (BE) Wednesday, Oct 5 2011 Cinema Nova Brussels, (BE) Apr 30–Jul 11 2011 Cinematek Brussels, (BE) Tuesday, Mar 14 2006 Le Petit Théâtre Mercelis - SCAM Ixelles, (BE) Tuesday, Jan 17 2006 Agence culturelle d'Alsace Strasbourg, (FR) Saturday, Oct 18 2003 Agence culturelle d'Alsace Strasbourg, (FR) Saturday, Jun 14 2003 Arsenal Berlin, (DE) Saturday, Nov 16 2002 Fine Arts Cinema Berkely, (US) Jul 13–Jul 19 2002 International Film Festival Maine, (US) Friday, Jul 12 2002 SCAM Brussels, (BE) Wednesday, Apr 24 2002 National Film Archive Oslo, (NO) Wednesday, Apr 10 2002 Kino 46 Bremen, (DE) Nov 5–Nov 6 2001 Cinema Nova Brussels, (BE) Jul 13–Aug 3 2001 Kino Xenix Zürich, (CH) Jul 3–Jul 24 2001 Mal seh'n Kino Frankfurt, (DE) Wednesday, Apr 4 2001 Lieven Gevaert Leerstoel Sint-Lukas Brussels, (BE) Saturday, Mar 3 2001 Filmer à Tout Prix Brussels, (BE) Wednesday, Nov 22 2000 RTBF , (BE) Tuesday, Nov 14 2000 Festival Internacional de Cine Ajijic, (MX) Nov 8–Nov 12 2000 Telluride Experimental Cinema Colorado, (US) Friday, Oct 27 2000 Frauen Universität Hannover, Kassel, Hamburg, Berlin, (BE) Sep 24–Oct 12 2000 Cinematek Brussels, (BE) Tuesday, Sep 12 2000 The Silent Call of the Earth Palermo, (IT) Sunday, Aug 20 2000 Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones Barcelona, (ES) Jul 12–Jul 18 2000 Botanique - Le P'tit Ciné Brussels, (BE) Thursday, Jun 8 2000 Arhiva Nationala de Filme Bucharest, (RO) Tuesday, May 23 2000 Cinématèque Montréal, (CA) Sunday, Apr 2 2000 22 Festival International de Films de Femmes Créteil, (FR) Friday, Mar 31 2000 Ann Arbor Film Festival Michigan, (US) Friday, Mar 3 2000 27th International Film Festival Brussels, (BE) Wednesday, Jan 19 2000 Argos Beursschouwburg Brussels, (BE) Sunday, Nov 21 1999 Stuc Leuven, (BE) Tuesday, Nov 16 1999 Festival de Dunkerque Dunkirk, (FR) Nov 5–Nov 14 1999 Les Écrans Documentaires Gentilly, (FR) Oct 22–Oct 31 1999 Ekofilm Český Krumlov, (CZ) Oct 6–Oct 10 1999 Festival International du Film Francophone Namur, (BE) Tuesday, Sep 28 1999 Frauen & Filme im Arsenal Berlin, (DE) Aug 3–Aug 23 1999 Forum Berlinale Berlin, (DE) Feb 14–Feb 16 1999