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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium


Alexander Schellow

animation, b&w, 16:9, no language, BE/DE, 2023, 105’

For SIE (SHE) Alexander Schellow drew from memory the face of his grandmother, who died in 2015 at the age of 102 in an institution for dementia patients. The resulting film is an animated facial landscape, slowly evolving and growing ever closer. Progressively, the image vanishes into the noise of the black dots that at the same time build a main pattern for the drawing process of memory reconstruction. SIE abuses the cinematographic space to create a collective experience for the audience looking at a screen, rendering visible the face of a person who cannot look back anymore. Against the background of individual and collective history, SIE traces a place between memory and forgetting.

Animation Alexander Schellow
Soundtrack Laszlo Umbreit