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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Segunda vez

Dora García

video, color, 16:9, Spanish spoken, English subtitles, BE/NO, 2017, 44’

The short story “Segunda vez” by Julio Cortázar is one of the most subtle narratives of the political and social climate in Argentina in the years 1976-1983, when the “National Reorganization Process” took place, a brutal dictatorship that left 30.000 people “disappeared”. The text of Cortázar, despite having all the ingredients of fantastic literature, is a very realistic description of the methods used by state terrorism in Argentina.
“Segunda vez” is the basis for the short film Segunda vez: a sequence shot, filmed in real time, in one location, focusing on dialogue and character construction.

For more details, check Segunda Vez.

Camera Vincent Pinckaers
Production & casting Lila Lisenberg
Actors David Mendoza, Carlos Correia, Víctor Manuel Pérez, Corina Romero, Viviana Vasquez, Lorena Soraya Vega, Adriana Barenstein, Graciela Martínez, Fernando Tur, Andrea Garrote, Mauricio Minetti, Silvia Trawier, Nathalie Wuerth, Rocco Di Tella, Rita Pauls, Edgardo Castro, Leonardo Gonzalo Murua, Leo Nigoul, Mariano González, Santiago Silva, Juan Barberini, Eugenia Capizzano, Fabian Arenillas
Art director Sandra Iurcovich
Editing Dora García, Felix Duque & Inneke Van Waeyenberghe
Sound & mixing Laszlo Umbreit at Herculeslab
Color grading Loup Brenta at Cobalt
Produced by Auguste Orts
With support of Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, KASK / School of Arts Gent, Image/Mouvement Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Trondheim kunstmuseum & FIDLab

Segunda vez has been on display at the following locations:

De Cinema Antwerp, (BE) Sunday, May 7 2023 Zumzeig Barcelona, (ES) Tuesday, Oct 29 2019 DA2 Art Center Salamanca, (ES) Oct 24 2018–Feb 10 2019 pin Кропоткина 11 Sint-Petersburg, (RU) Sunday, Sep 30 2018 Reina Sofia Madrid, (ES) Apr 18–Sep 3 2018 Médiathèque du FMAC Genève, (CH) Jul 1–Aug 26 2017 Galerie Michel Rein Paris, (FR) Mar 25–May 13 2017