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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

this was before

Herman Asselberghs

video, color, 16:9, stereo, English spoken, BE, 2014, 28’20”

Herman Asselberghs’ film piece adapts the participatory performance Questions by Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat to a cinematic format. Seven participants take part in a conversation made up only of questions. The session is not rehearsed or scripted in advance: it is the very first question that triggers this horizontal game of moving thought in what seems to be a moment outside of time.

Questions functions according to a strict set of rules to be announced before commencing a session:
- Everyone can be a performer.
- Performers speak exclusively in questions.
- One may ask an unlimited number of questions in a row.
- One may ask for thirty seconds of silence.
- One may ask for the repetition of a question.
- Questions can be rephrased or repeated by the same person, or by someone else; immediately or later on.
- Questions are asked to everyone and to no one in particular.
- Questions are not proposed in a rhetorical fashion.
- Questions are not made as statements, they are no implied answers to other questions.
- Consecutive questions do not need to address the same subject.
- Questions should be able to stand alone. They do not need a context, a past, or a future.
- Questions can be trivial.

Based on the original participatory performance by Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat
Participants Emiliano Battista, Boris Belay, Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Robbrecht Desmet, Mette Edvardsen & Anna Manubens
Cinematography Grimm Vandekerckhove
Sound recording Laszlo Umbreit
Sound design & edit Boris Debackere
Support Beursschouwburg, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Contour Mechelen vzw, Argos Centre for Art & Media and LUCA School of Arts

this was before has been on display at the following locations:

Iselp Brussel, (BE) Sep 22–Dec 17 2017 De Garage Mechelen, (BE) Dec 3 2016–Feb 12 2017 EMAF Osnabruck, (DE) Thursday, Apr 23 2015 Temporary Gallery Cologne, (DE) Apr 17–Apr 19 2015 Argos Brussel, (BE) Apr 1–Apr 4 2015 Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, (BE) Feb 14–Apr 26 2015 CPH:DOX Copenhagen, (DK) Nov 6–Nov 16 2014 Beursschouwburg Brussel, (BE) Thursday, Mar 20 2014