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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Think about Wood, Think about Metal

Manon de Boer

16mm transferred to video, color, 4:3, dolby suround, English spoken, BE, 2011, 48’

In a series of films in which we discover the portrait of a woman, Manon de Boer prolongs her experiments during the meeting with Robyn Schulkowsky. In Italy and then Germany, the rotation of the lens leads us in a false loop where the visible is metamorphosed by the audible. The meetings of the musician make up the journey of an instrumentalist confronted with some contemporary composers whose evocation disturbs our appreciation of the pieces performed. The sound portrait animates the vision of performance spaces. (Gilles Grand)
Think about Wood, Think about Metal is a third cinematic portrait in a trilogy on the seventies. The two other films are Sylvia Kristel – Paris (2003) and Resonating Surfaces (2005).

With Robyn Schulkowsky
Cinematography Sébastien Koeppel
Editing Manon de Boer
Music composed and performed by Robyn Schulkowsky except ‘WDR’ composed by George van Dam and performed by Robyn Schulkowsky and ‘Spree’ composed and performed by George van Dam
Sound recording Aline Blondiau
Sound editing George van Dam, Christian Cartier and Manon de Boer
Final Sound Mixing Christian Cartier – Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains
Produced by Auguste Orts
Co-produced by Jan Mot and Van Abbemuseum (NL)
With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains (FR)

Think about Wood, Think about Metal has been on display at the following locations:

Miragem - kinematic arts in the landscape Pico, (PT) Thursday, Sep 8 2022 Tënk Lussas, (FR) Feb 14 2020–Apr 15 2021 Tënk Lussas, (FR) Feb 14–Apr 14 2020 Kino MM, Student Center Zagreb, (HR) Friday, Oct 27 2017 Festival Les Écrans Documentaires Arcueil, (FR) Saturday, Nov 5 2016 Kunsthall Oslo, (NO) Oct 18–Nov 1 2013 Osso & Architecture Triennale Lisbon, (PT) Friday, Sep 20 2013 Konstmuseum Kalmar, (SE) Jun 15–Sep 15 2013 Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, (NL) Jun 8–Sep 15 2013 Museum of Art Philadelphia, (US) Nov 16 2012–May 5 2013 Kölnischer Kunstverein Keulen, (DE) Monday, Oct 8 2012 Underdox: Filmmuseum Munchen, (DE) Sunday, Oct 7 2012 Brukenthal Museum Sibiu, (RO) Aug 31–Sep 28 2012 Supersonix London, (GB) Saturday, Jun 23 2012 Artists Space: Books & Talks New York, (US) Friday, May 4 2012 AV Festival Newcastle upon Tyne, (GB) Mar 1–Mar 31 2012 Peuple & Culture Marseille, (FR) Thursday, Feb 9 2012 Film Festival Torino, (IT) Nov 26–Nov 29 2011 Filmer à Tout Prix (Flagey) Brussel, (BE) Monday, Nov 14 2011 Jan Mot Brussel, (BE) Oct 29 2011–Jan 14 2012 Doclisboa Lisboa, (PT) Thursday, Oct 27 2011 Bozar Brussel, (BE) Saturday, Sep 24 2011 Buda Kortrijk, (BE) Thursday, Sep 22 2011 LUX London, (GB) Wednesday, Sep 21 2011 Etats Généraux du Documentaire Lussas, (FR) Aug 23–Aug 26 2011 FID Marseille, (FR) Jul 9–Jul 10 2011 Loop Festival, La Pedrera Barcelona, (ES) Monday, May 2 2011 Index Stockholm, (SE) Apr 6–Jun 5 2011 Cinema Rits Brussels, (BE) Wednesday, Feb 2 2011 IFFR Rotterdam, (NL) Jan 28–Jan 29 2011 Le Fresnoy Tourcoing, (FR) Tuesday, Dec 14 2010