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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Proof of Life

Herman Asselberghs

video/installation, color, 4:3, stereo, English spoken, BE, 2005, 30’

The interior of an empty, open space: the borderline between in and out is thin. Human presence can only be found on the sound tape: a male voice recalls horrendous TV-images, a popular disaster movie, a long-term imprisonment. The title alludes to the diplomatic negotiating jargon for the video recording of a live hostage. After a.m../p.m. Asselberghs continues his search of an unique audiovisual approach, playing on the spectacle of mainstream media, commenting on it, countering it. Associative and suggestive (instead of formatted and explicit), the radical rift between sound and image reveals a film which needs to be listened to. A sound tape for watching. Or is this still-life even a self-portrait of the spectator?

Voice Vincent Eaton & Jona Den Aantrekker
Image & editing Guillaume Graux
Sound design Boris Debackere
With the support of Super! and Transmedia

Proof of Life has been on display at the following locations:

Fokus Festival Kopenhagen, (DK) Saturday, Feb 28 2015 Argos Brussels, (BE) Friday, Dec 3 2010 Argos Brussels, (BE) Thursday, Nov 4 2010 Auditorium des Musées Strasbourg, (FR) Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 Argos Brussel, (BE) Nov 22–Nov 30 2007 M HKA Antwerpen, (BE) Apr 26–May 26 2007 Transmediale Berlin, (DE) Jan 31–Feb 4 2007 Short Film Festival Oberhausen, (DE) Thursday, May 4 2006 Art Brussels Brussel, (BE) Apr 21–Apr 22 2006 Iselp Brussel, (BE) Apr 21–Apr 22 2006