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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Times 2

Herman Asselberghs

video, color, silent, installation, BE, 2024, 68’

From 2022 to 2024 Herman Asselberghs made 20 silent student portraits, Times 2, which are simultaneously projected on two screens. Without a beginning or an ending, the visitor can jump in at any point in the sequence. We do not know what goes on in the minds, the hearts, and the lives of these young people. An attentive person is completely within herself or entirely with herself, and at the same time out or outside of herself. Like attentive viewers, the students are simultaneously here and now and elsewhere. They are images of pure attention, or pure images of attention.

Image Thomas Verijke
Edit Mischa Dols
With Albina Gaitova, Maurice Luijten, Gina Mercelis, Azra Sterckx, Penelope Gratacos, Abel Kleinblatt, Neill De Cock, Brahim Tall, Florian Saerens, Victoire Karera Kampire, Mischa Dols, Sirine Jendoubi, Niko Wei, Mariana Machado, Mathias Coroi, Lucas Coroi, Kobe Asselberghs, Chloé Martens, Aaron Müller, Maria Lückerath,
Thanks to Chiara Grella, Lillith Kempyck, Sanae Khamlichi
Produced by Auguste Orts
Co-produced by argos centre for audiovisual arts
With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Friends of Auguste Orts Fund, On & For Production and Distribution, Intermedia Research Unit, LUCA School of Arts, Lieven Gevaert Centre, KU Leuven – UCLouvain
Times 2 is part of the doctoral research project Film School Time, Intermedia Research Unit, LUCA School of Arts & Lieven Gevaert Centre, KU Leuven – UCLouvain

Times 2 has been on display at the following locations:

argos Brussels, (BE) Mar 2–Jun 30 2024