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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Ferne Stimmen

Annik Leroy & Julie Morel

16mm transferred to HD video, b&w, 16:9, stereo & 5.1, German (EN st), BE, 2023, 5’

Let’s rewind. In 1942, Hannah Arendt writes a poem, dedicated to her dear friend Walter Benjamin. In 1944, the village and inhabitants of Oradour-sur-glane are obliterated by a Waffen-SS unit. In 1970, Ulrike Meinhof rises to passionate action against imperialism.
In an elegy, in a manifesto, in the silence of destruction, Leroy and Morel create a dialogue in counterpoint to after-images of the past.

Camera, sound, edit Annik Leroy & Julie Morel
Color grading Audrick Mercier – Charbon Studio
Sound mixing Frédéric Furnelle
Production Auguste Orts
With the support of kunstencentrum nona in the context of C0N10UR

Ferne Stimmen has been on display at the following locations:

FID Marseille, (FR) Saturday, Jun 29 2024 FID Marseille, (FR) Friday, Jun 28 2024 Wide Open Experimental Film Festival - City Museum of Art Oklahoma, (US) Sunday, Apr 28 2024 C0N10UR: Hof van Busleyden Mechelen, (BE) Sep 9–Nov 5 2023