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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Imbéciles de tous les pays unissez-vous!

Sven Augustijnen

magazines in glass case, 2018

Imbéciles de tous les pays unissez-vous! is an installation based on a large collection of Europe Magazine, which aims to trace the fate of the Belgian rifle FN FAL during the Cold War (it was used in the fight against communism as ‘the right arm of the free world’). The installation has multiple functions: revisiting the era of decolonization and neocolonialism, and by taking the postwar period as a mirror of our condition, analyzing how the militarization of our society goes hand in hand with the racist discourse of the right and the undermining of democracy and policy making.

Assistance Frédéric Uytenhoeve
With the support of CCStrombeek
Courtesy the artist and Jan Mot, Brussels

Imbéciles de tous les pays unissez-vous! has been on display at the following locations:

M HKA Antwerp, (BE) Sep 24 2020–Apr 25 2021 Moderna galerija Ljubljana, (SI) Mar 7–Aug 31 2019 cc Strombeek Strombeek, (BE) Oct 5–Dec 13 2018 Portikus Frankfurt, (DE) Dec 2 2016–Jan 29 2017