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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

An Evening with Auguste Orts #7

An Evening with Auguste Orts #7:


AFAVA is the Berlin-based platform for distribution and reflection established by audiovisual artists Clemens von Wedemeyer, Guy Ben-Ner, Laura Horelli, Yael Bartana, Hito Steyerl, Norman Richter, Koken Ergun and Maya Schweizer. Auguste Orts invites co-founders/filmmakers von Wedemeyer and Schweizer for a talk on the workings of the AFAVA-collective, including a full screening programme of titles by its members.

TANKLOVE by Köken Ergun (14’18”, 2008, TK)
An unusual war-evoking image – the tank TANKLOVE – appears unexpectedly in a small village, without being experienced as shocking.

Passing Down, Frame One by Maya Schweizer (10’30”, 2007, FR)
Puzzling with recordings from her grandmother, Schweizer tries to reconstruct a piece of personal history.

You Go Where You Are Sent by Laura Horelli (19’, 2003, FI)
A study of Horelli’s grandmother, a doctor and a diplomat’s wife.

Against Death Clemens von Wedemeyer (09’50”, 2009, GB/DE)
An explorer has come back to London, tired and shaken from an expedition into the jungle. He is seen telling his anthropologist friend about an ancient ritual he undertook with a remote tribe that granted him immortality. The explorer demonstrates his inability to die – and everything seamlessly loops back to the beginning.

Trembling Time by Yael Bartana (06’30”, 2001, IL/NL)
There are not many things that can make the traffic on a motorway come to a standstill. In a place where people collectively do the same thing – move from A to B – the reason for stopping has to be more urgent than the individual will.