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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

Villes Saisies / Gewonnen Steden

Manon de Boer & Nedjma Hadj

video, color, 4:3, stereo, French spoken, English subtitling, BE, 2007, 70’

Nedjma Hadj and Manon de Boer travelled to Fez and Casablanca with their camera and met one woman in each city. Two portraits of cities and two different lifestyles unfold in their personal stories, thus proving that modern western life is as visible in Fez and Casablanca as it is in Brussels. Western architecture, fashion, practices and habits are absorbed, processed and translated into a local context. This process is a good point of departure for a study of the significance of modern Europe and how this extends beyond its geographical borders. ‘Nowadays, there is aggressive investment in public spaces. And anyone who does not accept this is considered an intruder, an enemy that must be destroyed. Just as you can feel safe in a place where there is a proper investment in space, it is also possible for a sense of fear to develop when there is chaos.’ (Wafae of Casablanca)

With Nadia Nasri & Wafae Guessous
Image Manon de Boer
Editing Manon de Boer & Nedjma Hadj
Sound Mohammed El-khair & Eugénie Deplus
Composition & soundtrack George van Dam
Violin George van Dam
Cello Jan Kuijken
Grading Sébastien Koeppel
Final sound mixing Manu de Boissieu (Alea Jacta Productions)
Executive producers An Van der Donckt (KVS) & Cyril Bibas (Zogma)
Produced by KVS in collaboration with Zogma

Villes Saisies / Gewonnen Steden has been on display at the following locations:

MuZEE Oostende, (BE) Dec 14 2013–Jul 13 2014 Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum Antwerpen, (BE) Sunday, Oct 12 2008 Medimed Sitges, (ES) Oct 12–Oct 14 2007 MuHKA_media Antwerpen, (BE) May 13–May 15 2007 KVS Brussels, (BE) Feb 7–Feb 9 2007