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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

On & For

Brussels (BE)

The On & For Case Study is a public seminar that consists of both a screening and talk with artists and their producers. The Case Study develops as a horizontal conversation in which the speakers and the audience get a chance to share concerns, strategies and knowledge of available and lacking means when it comes to making a film happen.

Alex Reynolds in conversation with Anna Manubens
Free of charge. Booking required:

Alex Reynolds presented her feature length fiction film project Eiqui Chegan Os Meus Amores [Here come my loves] during the Work Sessions—London, 2015 together with the independent curator Anna Manubens as her producer. Almost three years later, On & For Case Study welcomes Reynolds and Manubens back to On & For in order to share in their project’s development and unpack questions of working together.

In Eiqui Chegan Os Meus Amores, Reynolds explores ‘Derrida’s concept of unconditional hospitality through narrative, emotion, and rhythm.’ This feature-length project marks the culmination of her practice, in which she insistently questions how to live together.
In the process of constructing Eiqui Chegan Os Meus Amores, Reynolds developed its script and imagery through the production of two autonomous mid-length films: Ver Nieve [To see snow], which used games to trigger a performative writing of the script, and Esta Puerta, Esta Ventana,[This door, this window], which isolated the element of communication through rhythm that will be present in the feature film. In winter last year, she also shot the first scenes of the feature film with the budget then raised and formed the short film A Fox Comes in.

Taking these works by Reynolds and her working relationship with Manubens as a case study, the artist and producer will cover the various stages, challenges and collaborations that their film productions have gone through. They will address the specific context of the feature film, Eiqui Chegan Os Meus Amores, and how the real-time speculation on what the film will be and how it will be made has always gone hand in hand with the question of how to work together over such a long period of time.
To combine friendship and work is not an easy task, and most people with some common sense would always advise to separate them as much as possible. In our case, we decided not to from the start… almost as a political stance, perhaps as a result of an intuition that making a film, or this film in particular, also had something to do with this risk and this learning experience, with an exercise in listening.

On & For Production and Distribution is a European cooperative project initiated by Auguste Orts (BE) in collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK) and Nordland Kunst -og Filmfagskole (NO), with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.