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Lambert Crickxstraat 30
1070 Brussels, Belgium

On & For Production

Brussels (BE)

SEMINAR The “how” is unavoidably entangled with the “what”

Thursday 21 April, 10am-5pm
Erg (87 rue du Page, 1050 Bruxelles)

Articulated as a series of four in-depth conversations, the seminar unpacks the intricate relationship between concept and production choices in moving image practices. That is, between what a film is about and how one decides to execute it, to show it and eventually to let others take care of it. Four films (some completed; some in process) will provide the ground for a discussion with their filmmakers on the beauty of (or the struggle for) coherence between a film and the conditions under which it is brought to exist.

With: Corinne Diserens, Babak Afrasiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai, Anna Manubens, Ellen Meiresonne, Christine Meisner, María Palacios Cruz, Laurence Rassel, Penny Siopis and Fabrizio Terranova.

Case studies:
Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival by Fabrizzio Terranova (in production)
Disquieting Nature by Christine Meisner (2012)
Persian Story by Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrasiabi (2013)
The New Parthenon by Penny Siopis (in production)

Visual report.


The professional work sessions provide a platform for artists to share projects in development with a small group of invited professionals in order to receive conceptual and strategic feedback and to connect with prospective co-producers. The sessions are conceived as an adaptation from cinema industry models in response to the specific demands of the contemporary art context.

For Now by Herman Asselberghs (BE) (producer: Auguste Orts, BE)
Complaints and Apologies by Rachel Reupke (GB) (producer: LUX, GB)
Pyramids by Pilar Álvarez (ES) (producer: CA2M, ES)
AKA Jihadi by Eric Baudelaire (FR) (producer: Tabakalera, ES & contour, BE)

SCREENING Letter of Complaint & other works by Rachel Reupke

Friday 22 April, 8.30pm
Beursschouwburg (Rue A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussel)
8/5€ tickets, please visit Beursschouwburg website to book


SEEING IN THE DARK 13 April – 14 May CINEMATEK (Rue Baron Horta 9, 1000 Bruxelles) – 4€ tickets, please visit CINEMATEK
Seeing in the Dark is the result of a “carte blanche” invitation from CINEMATEK to the artist Anouk De Clercq. Its starting point is Anouk De Clercq‘s 35mm film Black which is an ode to the darkness of a movie theatre. Held in collaboration with Art Brussels and with the support of On & For Production.

READING THE LENS – Evidence Today, Fiction Tomorrow
23 April, 7.30 pm Villa Empain (Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67, 1050 Brussels)
Contour Biennale & curator Natasha Ginwala in conversation with filmmakers and artists: Louis Henderson, Basir Mahmood and Judy Radul. Held in collaboration with Boghossian Foundation.

Commissioned report by Werker Magazine.

Organised by Auguste Orts (BE), LUX (GB) and Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (ES)
Supported by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Flemish Community Commission
In collaboration with l’erg, Argos Center for Art & Media, Flanders Arts Institute and Art Brussels